Helen Schafer, Director - Living Business

I came to CMT when we needed help to dig out for a deck at our home. We needed only a slight scrape of soil (200mm) off the top but working right next to the house, and around and under pergolas meant that a fine hand was needed. We also thought we had an issue with access as there was no room around the side of the house to bring machinery in.

I knew that working with CMT, I wouldn’t need to worry if they had the skills needed, and that Matt would make sure he was happy with the result.

Matt stuck to his word and the job was done on the day it was scheduled. Access was arranged through a reserve at the rear of the section and the machinery brought in ‘over the fence’ without us having to move or disassemble anything.

The main thing I appreciated was that even though there were a couple of glitches throughout the job, Matt dealt with them calmly and resolved the issues. Even though the job took longer than originally anticipated it was still finished on the day, which was great.

It’s really clear that Matt has a genuine commitment to excellent customer service, as well as very strong technical expertise, and for me this is what creates confidence.

I’m more than happy to recommend CMT Excavations for the big, or small tricky jobs like mine was.

David Hartstone, Hartstone Homes

Hartstone Homes has been using CMT Excavations for the past 5 years. We have used Matt and his team to do all our excavation work from removing tree stumps to major excavations.

Our last job was an excavation and retaining job spanning a number of weeks. Matt’s experience and knowledge proved priceless during what was a difficult job on a challenging site.

His work has always been to a high standard. I have always found Matt reliable and easy to deal with.

I have no hesitation in recommending him and have done so confidently to a number of clients and friends in the past.

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