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    How do I get a quote or price for my job?
    Just give us a call or send us a message and we will get in touch with you to discuss your job. Often a site visit will be required where we meet the owner or project manager on site to look at the physical aspects of the job. Once we have all the right information, we can send you a written obligation free quote. We do not charge to do quotes.
    Am I obliged to purchase from you if you send me a price?
    No not at all, it is totally up to you who you choose to do your job. Our pricing is competitive and transparent and we have no problems when we are asked to quote for the same jobs as other earthworks companies.
    How does it work if I am needing to wait for consent for my project from the Council?
    Often there is a stand-down period involved where clients need to wait for consents. It is common for us to price jobs before the plans go to Council and then wait until the consent has been signed off before we book the work in with the client. We will keep in touch with you during this time to keep checking on progress or any changes.
    Can I hire you on hourly rates or does work have to be quoted?
    We understand that often a client will not know exactly how much work is involved on a job until it commences. In these cases, we are happy to work for an hourly rate as opposed to a quoted price.
    How do I pay?
    When you have confirmed us to do your job, we will ask you to complete our application for credit and return it to us before work starts so that we can charge up the works and send you an invoice after we have finished the job. Our standard payments terms are payments are due on the 20th of the month following the date of the invoice.