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We do all jobs big and small

Industrial sites

We price commercial work for private industry as well as local authorities. We are LASS certified for public sector work and are able to comply with each companies safety requirements.

House sites

Site preparation, entrance ways, temporary and permanent, we can do all house sites. We are happy to work with both housing companies and individuals.

Hole Drilling

All our excavators are capable of drilling, We are able to drill in all areas, including confined spaces and with a variety of dimensions.


We have experience in trenching drainage and can use laser level equipment to ensure these are accurate for our plumbing and drainage clients.

Retaining walls

We have knowledge and experience of earth types to ensure suitable retaining wall are sourced and completed. We can work with Engineers to ensure compliance if required.


We are highly experienced with all landscaping projects. Our staff enjoy the challenge of contouring the ground, forming platforms and creating pathways or other requirements around your new or existing property.


Site preparation, entrance ways, temporary and or permanent. Protection during building and renovation work.

Site Clearing

CMT has a range of earthmoving equipment to suit all areas requiring clearing.

Rubbish removal

We have the ability to remove all rubbish to a suitable tip site in line with local government regulations.

Hard to reach places

We can get to those hard to reach places – you will be surprised where we can go!

Truck hire

CMT have a range of trucks to suits your requirements big or small. Our 6 wheelers can carry up to 11m3.

Transporter service available

We have a transport truck which can transport up to 13 tonne. Our driver is highly skilled and can move all machinery – earthmoving, farm, agricultural and road vehicles.